Hästens – In Bed With The Best

Hästens – In Bed With The Best

Hästens was founded in 1852 in Sweden, its founders are said to have been ‘’openly obsessed with quality” and devoted their work in to making the very best bed available at the time. Today, Hästens not only makes premium beds, but they’re also the royal supplier for the Swedish Royal Court since 1952.



The beds are all handcrafted in Sweden and they praise on the use of natural materials for their manufacture, such as horse tail hair, cotton, wool, flax and pine. For them, quality and sustainability go together hand in hand. The horsehair is hypoallergenic and the pines are of the highest quality Swedish kind.

One could say that the secret of their remarkable luxury beds is not only the top quality materials and handmade manufacturing, but the way that it’s done: by layering all these together. A basic model has 29 layers!



With a lines that offers 11 kinds of beds that go from continental to adjustable one, the prices start at 5.000€ and can go up to 129.000€. The most expensive one being the Vividus, a mattress with an interesting characteristic that could be compared to the Coca-Cola formula. Each layer being made by one team before being send to the next one, one team is not aware of the contents of the parts they receive, therefore making it impossible to replicate. This is a completely personalised, one-of-a-kind bed that takes 320 man hours to be crafted.


A very distinguishable way to know a Hästens bed would be its appearance: the blue and white check pattern. Clients can also choose from a small range of colours and patterns, all equally classic and timeless.



For Hästens, making beds goes much deeper than just making beds, it’s about creating your sanctuary, sleeping in the most comfortable and elegant way possible. And if we give it some thought, we basically spend a third of our lives sleeping, so wouldn’t you rather sleep in the best life has to offer?



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