Guide Michelin story

Guide Michelin story

Often called the “Guide Rouge”, The Guide Michelin is a gourmet, touristic and hotel directory. But at its first edition in 1900, Michelin is above all a book to improve mobility and facilitate motorists’ travel. This advertising book offered with the purchase of tires, contains a wealth of practical information on the use and repair of tires, a list of gas stations, hotels, city maps, a list of mechanics etc… In 1997, an official website has been launched:, then in 2003, Michelin introduced a few lines of text on the recommended facilities, including quality of service and food; from these few lines, Michelin has risen to a half page or a full page to its city guides (Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Tokyo) with longer descriptions and many photos. In November 2005, the Guide Michelin crosses, for the first time, the Atlantic and landed in New York. Since 2008, users have the opportunity to give their opinion online.

Now available in 14 editions covering 23 countries, sold in nearly 90 countries, the Guide Michelin has through the years, centuries, eras and modes.