Guerlain. Les Météorites – the story of a legend

Guerlain. Les Météorites – the story of a legend


Guerlain is one of the oldest French perfume houses in the world. Guerlain was founded in 1828, when Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain opened his first store at 42, rue de Rivoli in Paris. Trained as a doctor and chemist, he enjoyed immediate success thanks to his revolutionary work, which led to many innovative firsts. Guerlain was the first to create scientifically based skincare, kohl eyeliner and mascara. Then in 1840, Guerlain introduced the very first lipsticks.

But the revolution in his creations were meteorites first appeared in 1987. It all began when Guerlain’s experts decided to employ light technology borrowed from photography and cinematography. In observing that colours added together neutralise one another, Guerlain had uncovered the secret for achieving the ideal complexion. Each coloured pearl has its own particular role: pink lends freshness, green hides redness, white clarifies, lilac reflects the light, while golden/mother-of-pearl beads surround the face with a harmonious, radiant glow.


They are hand-crafted by only 3 trained artisans. It requires a minimum of 6 months to train each artisan because everything is done by feel and visual assessment.

Nevertheless, since then, a lot of famous brands have copied and imitated Les Météorites, and continue to do, Guerlains Météorites are top sellers of all centuries.


Ivlieva Margaryta



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