Guerlain and its famous Terracotta

Guerlain and its famous Terracotta

     Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain founded Guerlain in 1828. He is one of the oldest French perfumer. This brand of perfumes and cosmetics has a lot of iconic products as fragrances, as Eau de Cologne Impériale (1853), Jicky(1889), Shalimar(1925), Habit Rouge (1965), and as cosmetics, the famous Terracotta (1984) and the Meteorites (1987).

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     The Terracotta was launched in 1984. It revolutionized the world of powder. The brand pioneered the idea of sun make up with the invention of its compact bronzing powder. Guerlain understood what all women wanted: an healthy-looking throughout the year.

     The terracotta range is the most well known and bestselling of the House. In effect, there is new launches every year, with new ranges.

     This product became the MUST HAVE for every woman’s makeup kit. It is sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. It has become a truly magical label.

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