Gucci and Florence: then and now

Gucci and Florence: then and now


Whether you eat fashion for breakfast and use your oven as a storage space for your piles of Vogue magazines like Carrie Bradshow or just see it as something useless and ephemeral your weird fired who’s always wearing uncomfortable clothes is interested in, you have most probably heard this name.

Gucci has been named the most successful brand in terms of brand awareness and has been a leading example of communication skills and how to target the Millennials. In the past few years, under the artistic direction of Alessandro Michele, they have also managed to create a completely new aesthetic, which is something the world of fashion had been missing a little. You may not like it and roll your eyes at it, but you know it is Gucci.

What some may not know though, is where Gucci came from.

Gucci started in 1921 in Florence (Italy) when Guccio Gucci opened a small shop to sell his saddles and leather goods for horses and horsemen. Much like Hermès did in France, they soon enough started creating leather goods for the everyday life. In the mid 20th century, they started establishing themselves as a fashion brand and had their big break in the 90s thanks to the incredible Tom Ford.

They had ups and downs and suffered a lot from the issue of counterfeiting, but they remain a very good example of longevity and an even better example of how to adapt to changing times. Now the fur is gone and couture is the most relevant department but leather is still important and so is the craftsmanship and attention to details. A Gucci bag is still something you dream and are extremely proud of.

This means that throughout their incredible journey and evolution they have managed to not forget who they are and where they come from and this is something extremely important for any luxury brand, whose value as we all know is mainly based on the heritage it carries.


Francesca Policastro

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