Goyard, an independent house

Goyard, an independent house

The Maison Goyard created in 1792 by Pierre-François Martin holds the title of oldest Parisian malletier. There were a few name changes in its history. Indeed, the Goyard family succeeded to Morel one who succeeded itself to the Martin House. In 222 years of history the house had prestigious clients as the Duchess of Berry, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Duchess of Windsor and several first ladies.

The symbol of the House is the Goyardine a highly resistant canvas. Only available in black until 2002, the date of buyout of the Maison Goyard by the Signolles family, it now exists in 12 colors.

Far from ephemeral trends, Goyard takes its inspiration in its exceptional heritage and know-how. It offers a timeless and perennial range of products through different lines: travel goods, handbags, special orders and pet accessories. Furthermore, Goyard took the honorable decision to stay an independent house in order to preserve its uniqueness and keeping the idea of a certain family business in opposition to its competitors (Louis Vuitton and Moynat for instance).


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