God Save Galliano

God Save Galliano

The prodigy child of fashion.  

A rusty key opened John Galliano’s door to success.

It led to a dilapidated Parisian property of the 18th century, in which the young fashion designer could show his collection. Within two weeks he designed and produced 17 outfits, all in black because he had neither the time nor the money to buy luxurious fabrics, and he wrote the history of fashion.

Her first personal parade in 1991 in Paris was determined by lace, transparency and net. In 2002, he invented the city nomad, who, with an indigo blue face like a Tuareg, traces his way with confidence. In 2007-2008 he had the evening dresses presented by the thinnest mannequins of the moment. Tulle and ruche define summer 2000.

Then the Haute Couture Dior as a feast of the imagination. In 1996, John Galliano acceded to the highest throne that French haute couture has to offer: He becomes the creative director at Dior.   With each parade, Galliano trains in another country, another era.

Be it in Egypt, among the Pharaohs with their masks of gods. At the court of Versailles with embroideries of an outrageous price and necklines outrageously Deep in the amazons and dominas in a luxury bordel in Hollywood or in an imaginary world populated by fabulous and mythical beings.

After traveling to Asia and studying Chinese costumes and Japanese kimonos, he made the most voluminous dresses that have ever been on a podium.

He often borrows colors and motifs from the old masters of painting. Each model of Galliano at Dior has only one presentation, it is staged by Galliano in a theatrical way.


Behind the masquerade, there is a serious worker, who promotes fashion.


Indeed, he could not bear the pressure of his own demands except with drugs and alcohol, which led to a scandal in early 2011: in a Parisian restaurant, Galliano, intoxicated, Threw anti-Semitic insults to clients.

Thereupon the Dior House took leave of him.


Whatever may be said of the personage, the creator leaves him no room for discussion.

In my opinion, John Galliano revolutionized the world of the catwalk, the world of fashion, the world of the show, the world of the sale of Luxury and especially made of Dior what Caesar was of Rome.


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