GIORGIO ARMANI – Cooperate brand with differentiation

GIORGIO ARMANI – Cooperate brand with differentiation


Giorgio Armani is an Italian luxury fashion house best known for producing high-end apparel for both men and women. Since its launch, the brand has ventured off into a variety of sub-brands tailored towards various demographics.

Giorgio Armani was originally target to high class of men and women who need a trendy , classy and elegant. Through product development and line extension, it was simply use the name as its categories like Armani Jeans , Armani Junior. The categories was continue to expand and start having different target . The name of the extended line was ambiguity. It was time for them to have put the direction and strategy for the brand.

They finally decided to have the sub brand but still maintaining with its surname “Armani”

imagesEmporio Armani – Targeted especially at the young professional segment in the 25-35 year old age group.

Armani Collezioni – This is Armani’s venture into a slightly lower market segment.

Armani Jeans – This is the lowest range of Armani apparel.

A/X Armani Exchange – This is the licensed brand of chain of retail outlets of Armani fashion house.

These sub-brands help Giorgio Armani to operate in many segments of the fashion apparel market.


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