Gemmyo, Luxury Jewels 2.0

Gemmyo, Luxury Jewels 2.0

The brand was created in 2011 by a Charif Debs and Pauline Laigneau, at a period when the young french couple was looking for Pauline’s perfect engagement ring. After a quick look at place Vendôme boutiques, they realized she wanted something very particular, something no one has and something that would fit her perfectly and look like her. Gemmyo was born, the perfect alliance of digital and luxury jewels, a website where you can create your own jewels on measures, according to the occasion, your taste, your style and your budget. They knew there was something to work on with digital and that jewerly needed something new. A brilliant idea in an era where personalization and digital are at the heart of every marketing strategy. Gemmyo offers to its clients infinite choices and combinations, with jewels from 90 to more than 4000 thousands euros, with a luxury universe. The clientele can choose the between different types of golds or silver, platinum, can had diamonds, rubies, sapphire or less expensive precious stones such as amethyst.

athena push-sapphire

Manon Cattaneo


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