Future Trends of Luxury Hotel

Future Trends of Luxury Hotel

Worldwide Luxury Goods Report form Bain Co. shows Luxury hospitality leading the luxury market in 2014. However, due to the Airbnb greatly influence the hospitality marketing recently, luxury hospitality is getting more uncertainty.

Take a look at luxury hotel marketing global consumer interest for the luxury hospitality industry is up 7.7%. Major growth rate coming from China (+39%), whilst interest from German consumers has dropped by 9.4%. The most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean region are Rome, Barcelona and Istanbul. Athens only represents 2% of the total interest for Mediterranean destinations but it is the fastest growing city (+29%). Behind these data, there are the some interesting trends of luxury hotel in the future:

Living as local

Inspired by Airbnb, consumers seek live, bespoke social interactions that connect them with the essence of place. Experiential traveler venture beyond the beaten tourist paths and dive deeper into local culture

Health Camps

Pervasive wellness gives rise to the development of new hotels and other operations specializing in weight loss and total wellness designed to transform you during and after your stay.

Aging Market

Assisted living for wealthier over 70s, hotels will become an increasingly attractive option for electronically assisted long-stay living as a buffer between the post-retirement and pre-nursing home life stages.

Travelers from BRICS:

Another billion plus middle class in Asia and Latin America as well as many parts of Africa are newly mobile and require accessible hotel accommodation for both work and leisure. Among these travelers 48% of visitors show their interests to visit unknown cities.

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/timjones72/hotel-2030-emerging-trends-initial-perspectives-may-2013?next_slideshow=1

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