From Saddle to the highest luxury fashion brand of Hermes

From Saddle to the highest luxury fashion brand of Hermes


It was 177 years already since the beginning of French brand Hermes, It is one of the most powerful luxury brand. As the leading of saddles manufacturing, Hermes have been work on the craftsmanship ,carefully sourcing the material , developed its knowhow of sewing , make the different on its Saddles with the highest quality. It was taking just a few years, Hermes Saddle was popular in the royalty and highest class of French people.


Hermes had transferred its craftsmanship, expanding  line to shoes ,bags, women and men ready to wear , children cloths , scarf , watch and jewelry ,tableware and other accessories.

Hermes’s bags Birkin and Kelly collection are the most iconic hand bag in the world. Clients are required to pre-order bags as they are not readily available in the stores. Waiting lists can be up to 2 years.

It is more than the design, the innovation, and the creative minds behind Hermes. It has continued to emphasize the value of hand craftsmanship and has continued to pay tribute to its rich history.




     Hermes Birkin Bag                                                                                  Hermes Kelly Bag


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