From Motel to Luxury Hotel: History of Four Seasons Hotel

From Motel to Luxury Hotel: History of Four Seasons Hotel

Isadore Sharp constructed his first hotel. Over the course of 1960s, he opened three Four Seasons hotels. Sharp’s experience would pave the way for the creation of a new kind of hotel, one focused solely on the guest.

Setting Goal

The 1970s began with a defining moment – the opening of a hotel in From Motel to Luxury Hotel History of Four Seasons HotelLondon, England. This hotel set the future direction of entering luxury hotel. Within a few years, the company’s portfolio also included 10 hotels across Canada. By the end of 1970s, Four Seasons had entered the US market under its own brand name in Washington, DC.

Gaining Power

During the shrinking marketing in 1980s, the company began to transform itself from a hotel owner-operator into a management company. It started to sell the hotel as private residents innovatively which save it from the hospitality depression.

Recovering from the depression, Four Seasons Hotel became the North American leader in hospitality. The Four Seasons brand focused on expanding its portfolio of resorts throughout the 1990s. It also introduced the Four Seasons experience to a significant number of destinations in Europe and Asia.

Key point: Innovation

Four Seasons continued to grow in recent years, the company now welcomed guests to 50 properties, on every continent except Antarctica. The strength of the brand had become a promise of a quality of life. Overviewing of Four Seasons Hotel history, the company bases on the DNA of traveling and emphasis on creativity and innovation, enhancing its leadership in luxury travel.


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