Free The Nipples

Free The Nipples

The movement “Free the nipple” stems from a simple question : while men can quietly take off their shirt as soon as the sun begins to point his nose, why do women may not do the same? By bringing the gender quality issue, it created a question about whether the nipple of a woman is really different from what a man has or why those women are all taboo. Maybe people are just too afraid to the female human body. As in France, the US law severely punishes the exhibition of the genitals.

Lina Esco decided to make a film in 2014 “Free the Nipple” which is believed the root of Free the Nipple campaign. She says “ There are so many laws against women’s bodies and against almost any body of men. In the 1900s, thousands of men were arrested for being shirtless because the refused to wear a one-piece suit. It was not until 1936 that four men Coney Island fought the law, and the succeeded. Of course, the fact that the judge is a man helped. Men today have this right because they fought for it.

This is indeed a movement that is increasing rapidly. This movement is supported by many people including influential celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Cara Dele  vigne, Lena Dunham. It also has its own website as well hashtag #freethenipple has became a very popular trending topic in twitter.

At the same time take a look at the cover star of i-D magazine Adwoa Aboah. A model and also an actress who is exploring sexual equality with a mission to get girl across the world to open up about mental health, body                                                                                             image and sexuality through her project called “Gurls Talk”.











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