Forks, knives and dainty mouthfuls

Forks, knives and dainty mouthfuls

With the fine dining etiquette, there are many rules that must be followed but let us take a closer look at the cutlery on the table. With the different cultures in the world, the fine dining etiquette is not always known to those who have never heard of it.

For first-timers having a meal in a five-star restaurant, they could be easily surprised with the number of forks and knives on the table. It might have been very familiar to see people putting their cutlery differently or using different knives and forks while having their meal in five star restaurants.

Typically, if not always, a collection of forks lie on the left side, whilst the knives and spoons fill the right of the plate. These are usually set for right-handed people, and a rule of thumb is to purely work the way in from the outside. In other words, the furthest cutlery should be used for the first course, and then slowly work the way in for the next ones when having the other courses.

Cutlery, if placed back down between each dainty mouthful, should be on the plate and not the table. There are also different ways of placing back the cutlery back to the plate. Each position, as illustrated in the picture, in the fine dining etiquette will give indication to the waiter of the next step to be done.  Voilà, some rules that can be followed and paid attention to for the next time.

Photos credits : Bon Vivant Mag


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