The force of high-end vintage

The force of high-end vintage

Over the last few years they have been popping up in every fashion-conscious city: high-end vintage boutiques. Bargain shoppers as well as the fashion in-crowd have been finding their way to 1970’s Saint Laurent and unique Louis Vuitton bags. Of course everyone loves a good deal, but why exactly are second-hand luxury items so popular?

Most important: people want unique items. Authenticity and diversity have become an essential part of our values and we want to dress accordingly. When buying this season’s must-haves, the risk of running into your fashion twin is an unwelcome possibility. However, buying the best of past collections at vintage boutiques ensures you will have something special. And we admit, that on-of-a-kind 80’s Chanel bag also makes for a great statement piece.

Besides that the used luxury market benefits all parties. While you get the thrill of the hunt, the couture shopping 1 percent get to earn something extra while decluttering their closets. At the same time growing awareness of sustainability and overconsumption have an influence as well.

Luckily classic luxury pieces are expected to stay and we admit we can’t wait to go on our next vintage shopping spree.

Elias L. Doelman

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