Luxury and hyper-personalization

Luxury and hyper-personalization

For 10 years, market shares of products and services hyper personalized continued to increase.

The need of differentiation is deeply rooted in human nature, already 75 000 years ago our forebears look for differentiation and engrave shells, and more recently, tattoo is also a way of differentiation. Our way of thinking is much closer to the way of thinking of our forebears, we buy products produce in large scale, but our first action is to custom it by change the wallpaper or adding a case. The consumer of today is ultra-connected and move towards brands which propose to him a personalize experience during which he will feel unique.

Luxury Brands have to invest in hyper-personalize experience, it’s a major challenge to strengthen the emotional link with the client. However, build quality client experiences is no longer enough, brands have to make exceptional experience to engage clients. Luxury has to be unique and perfectly match with the client personality. Even if personalization is in the DNA of luxury brands, this trend is increasing recently and it no longer limited to luxury brands, most of agencies propose personalize products.


Justine Latta

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