Luxury brand restaurant

Luxury brand restaurant

Exept fashion, Giorgio Armani, Gucci or Ralph Lauren choose another sector that can be profitable : gastronomy, by opening their own restaurants.

In China, for example, Gucci offers, within its 1921 Gucci Café located in the IAPM shopping center, Italian cuisine with unmissable recipes such as spaghetti with seafood. The restaurant resumes the codes of the fashion brand and dresses Velvet and gold. In addition to this restaurant, Gucci also opened a café in his museum in Florence.

Paris is another popular city for the restoration of luxury brands. Giorgio Armani has set up a café and Ralph Lauren a “Ralph’s” restaurant located a stone’s throw from the Café de Flore.

During the last fashion week in Paris, Chanel metamorphosed the Grand Palais in brewery. This is the case for Roberto Cavalli who has chosen to establish his restaurant in Ibiza to offer Italian gastronomy accompanied by the wines of family production.