Flying First Class with Emirates Airlines

Flying First Class with Emirates Airlines

In 2014, Emirates was named the world’s “Most Valuable Airline Brand”.

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has exceeded all its clientele’s expectations by delivering a Prestige flight experience. This A380 plane uses  20 percent less fuel than any other planes. From the 489 seats, only 14 are private premiere suites, or if you prefer “First Class”.


The private suites have doors that can allow you to be separated from everyone else, with a “do not disturb sign”, the seats are made of leather and can be converted into flat beds of 2.08 meters. The flight attendant will provide you with a light mattress, pillows, cotton-lined blankets whenever you want to take a nap. Slippers and Pajama’s are delivered in a bag with BVLGARI amenities kit.


In this private suite you also have at your disposition a mini bar with non alcoholic drinks, a basket full of snack and a writing kit.

What can be more special than taking a shower in the sky?

Emirates Airlines offer its first class clientele the ability to take a shower at their preferred time. The two bathrooms are made of heated floors so that they can warm your feet when you get out of the shower.


Concerning the menu, it it possible to eat at the time you prefer, and the list is extensive.
You can order whatever you want, there is no limit, and you can order it whenever you desire.


Emirates Airlines’ first class service has definitely taken travelling to another level.

 Jade Chehabeddine

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