The florentine tradition of leather and paper goods

The florentine tradition of leather and paper goods

Writing this article make me very proud. This because even if I haven’t been living stably in Florence for a good four years now, I am still attached to my hometown and believe its best features should be promoted whenever possible.

Florence’s beauty, artistic patrimony and historical relevance are well know. Nevertheless, what happens away from the endless crowds of tourists in small, ancient workshops is just as relevant and beautiful.

In fact, Florence holds a very long tradition in the making of paper and leather goods. The latter are more renown and that is mostly thanks to brands like Gucci, the first is all for the foreigners to discover.

The making of these good goes way back to the Medieval times, when florentine artisans where organised in associations – the “Corporazioni” – and would practice their art to perfection from one generation to the next.

Leather good were more common and started to provide strong and resilient attires for workers and even their animals.

Paper – the “Carta Fiorentina” – on the other hand, was more exclusive. It is a beautiful kind of paper that is painted by hand and can be used for both writing and decoration. It was also the foundation of Pineider, a luxury brand founded in 1774 and still successful to this day.


Francesca Policastro

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