Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed Gear Bikes


A fixed gear bicycle (or Commonly Known As has fixie) is a bicycle That: has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. Fixed gear bikes Provides riders with a sleek and stylish design qui contains only the BARE ESSENTIALS and Have Become the ultimate in urban chic item. Fixie bikes are simple and elegant, with clean lines and a genuine beauty springs from qui Their SIMPLICITY.

Aim where did the fixie come from?

If you look at the fixie, you will see que le pedal cranks are connected directly to the hub of the front wheel. Before the invention of the derailleur, qui allowed bicycles to-have gears, single speed bikes Were the only race bike available. It has icts own history.

Fixed gear bikes are Significantly lighter than all-terrain bikes. You feel attached to the bike since your pedals are Directly tied to the movement of the wheels; with Increased maneuverability, you can feel Being oneself.

And These Days, with advancement of Fixed gear bikes, Many improvements in Both quality and style-have-been Achieved with top quality and unique design models. The best thing about fixie Is That it is easy to Maintain Because It HAS FEW shares.

Time to Enjoy Urban Simplicity!

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