Fine Jewelry invited on Instagram

Fine Jewelry invited on Instagram

Only 17% of luxury customers report they follow prestigious “Maisons” on social networks. These relatively low figures demonstrate the lack of involvement of luxury brands on social network, they indeed prefer to develop their own website. It is certain that these brands have realized the importance of being present on networks like Facebook or Instagram, but now they only offer little added value (brand news, content preview …) while most fans expect to be able to give their opinion on a product, vote, participate in the design of a product … In other terms, a dialogue with the brand and establish close ties with.

Many luxury names in Haute Joaillerie surprised their customers by recently launching an Instagram account. This is an opportunity for communication teams to make contact with the most faithful customers. A real digital offensive, which helps explain the “why” of the existence of the brand and tell the unique story: pictures of new acquisitions, mounted models or dope in elegant staging, mini-movies, archive footage etc… A real daily dose of sparkle bringing a more sensual vision and accessible to those true unique treasures.




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