Feminism and Luxury

Feminism and Luxury

You don’t fight revolutions with silk gloves. In a metaphorical sense you can’t disagree, but if we take this sentence according to the letter, you can make an objection: there were times when a simple glove removed in a particular fashion could cause quite a stir. And when women figured it out, they didn’t hesitate to use the fashion as an instrument of provocation. We’re talking about the long and tortuous path of the women’s liberation (which in my opinion still needs a lot of work) and the influence that fashion had on it. The first movements date back to the days of suffragettes, women that wanted to be considered as more than just wives and mothers. They also wanted to have the same rights that were reserved for men. The only way for them to get noticed was through actions that were considered extremely provocative at that time, like riding a bicycle, wearing pants, and organizing protests.


Since the 20s, the only one who was able satisfy the changing needs of women ,was the unique and inimitable Coco Chanel who designed for the woman who in fact, became more independent and started working  and playing sports. Ever since women could manage their own funds, they moved closer to the worlds of economy and politics, which had been completely inaccessible before. Chanel designs were made for these women. She designed sophisticated clothes that were elegant yet, comfortable. The symbol of this ideal is the two piece suit, which Coco created taking inspiration directly from the suits of her lovers. They represented masculine power since they were worn by the most important and richest men. Another sign of redemption was the abandonment of the corset, an instrument of ‘torture’ that could cause physical injury, sometimes serious, to the wearer as fashion at that time dictated a wasp waist. From one side, it’s true that fashion proposes a feminine image that is far from reality and from ideals that have been fought for, but it must be said that surely most of the achievements and freedoms that we now enjoy were achieved thanks to what this world has given us.

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