Favorite signature jewelry of Kate Middleton

Favorite signature jewelry of Kate Middleton

Knowing her taste in dress and choosing designers, regarding jewelry, Kate Middleton has a clear preference: Kiki McDonough, whose designs are mainly characterized by a bombshell, without sacrificing discretion.


Of course, this artist jewelry is of British origin, Kiki McDonough has been in the jewelry business for over 25 years, and the two keys that have made it a success are, first, its incredible combination of colors, full of light and life, and secondly, a sense of unique elegance, which prevents it blend of hues find overwhelming

According Kiki McDonough; ” Catherine is so elegant in their daily looks and occasions. My jewels are designed to carry every day, and she carries with great force.”


However, it is not the first time that the designer works for the British royal family. In his day he created several pieces for Princess Diana: ” I designed a pair of earrings for Princess of Wales, who led during his meeting with Barbara Bush in the United States.