Fashionable Korean Eyewear Houses

Fashionable Korean Eyewear Houses

Eyewear has a power to make the style to be complete. Here are four Korean house eyewear brands.



Muzik aims to be a part of one’s daily life beyond borderlines, generation, culture and sex with MUSIC-MOTIF. Muzik thinks that eyewears are infinite tools to share lots of idea and stories and it tries to challenge for the new thinks. As this, Musik cares about their packaging, artworks and collaboration to show their own brand identity.



Steel has immense strength and lightness, is an easy material to work with, is also a flexible material. Stealer is a brand that applies the limitless expandability of steel to the production of eyewear. As a brand, Stealer aims to re-interpret the material with an in-depth and unconstrained point-of-view.

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By way of Seoul and New York, Ashcroft came charging into the universe with a mission: to help you see and be seen in distinctive high-quality eyewear. The world of Ashcroft can be defined in two words; Classic & Contemporary. It sells its frames in small quantities so every piece is limited edition. Ashcroft tries to collaborate with artists in various fields making the point for classic & contemporary



Gentle monster is a designer brand that constatntly develops itself under the philosophy of “Innovational High-End Experiments.” Gentle Monster is based in Seoul Korea and it also has its flagship store in New York. Gentle Monster has collaborated with various brands for collections; Hood By Air, OPENING CEREMONY, TOME, KYE etc.

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Gentle Monster X Opening Ceremony NY Fashion Week 16 FW


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