Fashion show set “See now, Buy now”

Fashion show set “See now, Buy now”

For designer, fashion shows represent months of work, a very special event to connect the brand with the consumers. Today we don’t really need the privilege to be on list to admire the new luxury collection of a huge designer thanks to social media and people who are not even here to see the show with their eyes but toward the screen of their own phone.

A sad fact when you start to get interested in the conception of a fashion show, where the idea came from, how many providers were contacted, how the models were trained. Well, a sad fact when we see it from exterior but social medias are a real business machine for brand. The strategy for designer is to show the world their new collection and to make noise and Instagram allow to share content on long term.

On an other hand, we all know luxury items are not immediately available to purchase just after the show, fortunately we have fast fashion to take relay and to offer us the same clothes  cheaper and less qualitative.

However, with the pressure, luxury companies are trying to work with the same delays to satisfy customers in a hurry, the concept of “see now, buy now” is, today, totally changing the industry. Last September, Burberry for instance released before the show that the first collection of Riccardo Tisci would be available through a series of launches under 24 hours. Products were exclusively available on Instagram, WeChat and at the Burberry flagship store in London redesigned for the occasion.

The “see now, buy now” revolutionizes a sector where were are traditionally waiting six months before being able to obtain an article seen during a show. This strategy is naturally a response to the habits of immediacy introduced by the digital and e-commerce.

Nevertheless, some luxury brands are still loyal to the traditional fashion show calendar, due to production, logistics and image reasons.

Luxury is about quality, savoir-faire and time. Where is the pleasure if everything is already accessible?