Famous robberies in the luxury field

Famous robberies in the luxury field

In the last years, robberies became an expected part of every sector of business. Today, anything can be stolen with the right technology and the right mind-set. The most frequent luxury robberies in the last years are: robberies in luxury mansions, stealth of timepieces and jewellery, bags and other leather pieces.


One of the most expensive robberies of the last years is the theft at Harry Winston in Paris, which accounted for 108 million dollars. Even though Harry Winston has been robbed couple of times already, year 2008 was the most significant. Four men dressed like women entered the luxury store and managed to steal 108 million dollars in high jewelry.





Among the most significant robberies conducted is the Boston Museum theft in 1990, where 12 pieces of art were stolen. In this case, the theft was led by two men only, who were dressed as police officers. After entering the building, the duo handcuffed the security guards, went on with taking the art pieces, and walking away without having anyone chasing after them.





The theft at the Antwerp Diamond Center in 2003 belongs to one of the biggest mysteries in the word of robberies. The thieves managed to steal $100 million worth in diamonds, jewelry and gold. the fascinating issue about this story is however that the thieves broke into a vault beneath the center, which was protected by multiple security layers – radars, magnetic field, seismic sensor and a lock with over 100 million possible combinations. Years after, police still has not managed to detect how this robbery was possible.

While bank robberies are not surprising us anymore, the public is hungry for revelations of failed security systems in boutiques, museums or auctions.


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