Family as luxury core value

Family as luxury core value

What do luxury and family have in common? Timelessness, heritage and value transmission. No surprise that family is part of the luxury world. The biggest luxury houses are a lot about heritage: by their name, by their craftsmanship, by their know-how, or even by their style. It is all about identity and core spirit of the brand.

Here are a few of these brands for which family made them what they are now.

Maybe have you noticed that the luxury house Dolce & Gabbana uses family gatherings a lot in their advertising campaigns. Why? Because it works. It tells about legacy, from generation to generation, but also about being and celebrating together.

For the cosmetic house Shiseido, family appears since the brand’s creation. Indeed, it is the father and son’s cooperation that led to the brand’s identity.

Also, several luxury maisons were simply passed from generation to generation such as Ermenegildo Zegna, or Louis Vuitton.

This shows that the idea of a craftsmanship and know-how being passed along in a family between its members, make the clientele feel like the Maisons care about quality and history. Which are two other luxury core values.


Jezabel Sarrotte

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