Experience of the Titanic

Experience of the Titanic

The ship, titanic, marked a before and after in the history of the twentieth century. After the premiere of the film James Cameron, Titanic ship took great popularity.

This popularity resulted, that a major company of luxury tourism, has launched a tour package to visit the remains of the famous shipwreck and live closely the experience of this important story.


The company Bluefish, Make this wonderful and unforgettable trip costs about $ 60,000, that voyage includes olso a trip to Newfoundland Island, this trip has a duration of three days and includes a trip to the depths.

This company based in Los Angeles offers the exact sum of u $ s 59,680 an underwater journey in private boats, these boats can accommodate two crew and captain who explored about 11 or 12 hours the most famous ship in history . Approaching relive history.

These dives are performed in miniature submarines that are submerged at a depth of 3800 meters and by lighting and floodlights illuminate the Titanic and walking strategic points of the Titanic, while watching the titanic with your own eyes, you’re listening to a voice that will telling the whole story.

To realize the full itinerary, tourists should wait for the weather and conditions are optimal.