Exceptional dishes in luxury gastronomy

Exceptional dishes in luxury gastronomy

The times when chefs feel that they need an inspiration, are the times when unexpected and unusual creations happen. However, we do not talk about molecular gastronomy, or exotic elements added. These experiments are incredibly innovative, and almost need a manual to explain the procedure of eating.



As weird as it might sound, the first example is an edible balloon. A restaurant in Chicago called Alinea. These edible balloons might look ridiculous to look at, but are surely very healthy, as they are made of apples with an addition of sugar. The downside of this innovative food is that helium inside the balloon is still helium. There are two ways you can eat the edible balloon: pop the balloon with a pin that comes with it and simply eat it. The other way is that one puts his/her whole face almost inside the balloon to be able to suck it up and thus eat it. As a result, one will eat something luxurious and slightly insane at the same time, with a helium-like voice as a bonus.





Another example comes from England, from one of the two Three-Michelin star restaurants. This special dish is called “the sound of the sea” and can be said that it resembles to the defining words of luxury – exclusivity, discrete, quality and prestige. It is not only instantly recognizable on the menu but also on the table when it arrives. It composes of a mini-collection of plants, sand, and frothy foam, and you begin to wonder what exactly you ordered. The sand is made of panko breadcrumbs, baby eels, and other ingredients. The “sea” is made out of mussels, carrots and cockles. In total, there are 55 ingredients that make up this luxurious meal. The meal comes along with an iPod inside a shell that is supposed to be listened to while eating.




Whether you choose an edible balloon or a sea experience in a meal, you will be a part of a unique experience.



Nad’a Chrenková








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