EX NIHILO : A Scent by The Challanger

EX NIHILO : A Scent by The Challanger

In this very competitive world, people can personalized almost everything. Start from sneakers to cars, so why not perfume? Ex Nihilo, a luxury French perfume corporative looking to shake up the conservative perfume industry, offers a niche collection of scents that can be subtly customized to be best suit to the wearer.

Inspired by both the creative avant-garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, an alternative to stereotyped luxury products and an alternative to the mass personalization it aims to share its own conception of luxury, in bringing both to the fore conception of luxury and to the fore the pinnacle of know-how and the most splendid raw materials in perfumery.

Created by three Parisian founders, Sylvie Loday, Olivier Royere, and Benoit Verdier, they offer a niche collection of scents that can be subtly customized to be best suit to the perfume lovers using a pioneering Osmologue machine, installed in the brand’s aforementioned  flagship store in Paris and standalone concessions New York and London.

Entering as an outsider and challenger, not like “other perfumes” which are mostly inspired by love, seduction, or any of other themes perfumers usually get inspired with. Instead, there is Vetiver Moloko, which is based off of the milk narcotic cocktail in A Clockwork Orange, and Fleur Narcotique, a scent that twist the flowery notes of neroli to become slightly metallic and druggy-smelling. Ex Nihilo is confident and passionate to give something unexpected and personalized to the customer.

Typically, you can find the machines in sets of nine, one for each creation in Ex Nihilo’s first collection. Customers can experience scent via specially designed light installation. Fragrance are contained in funnel-shaped light “vases” called the vases de senteurs (scented vases). After you press the button at the vases, the Lucite briefly illuminates, as if to say “come and smell me.” It releases a small “pfft” of fragrance that the customer leans over to smell, an intimate experience that dispels all tracers of unpleasant alcohol. All customers can thus try all of the scents without fragrance overload.

After you decided which fragrance you would like to personalized, you can continue to the next step by going to the osmologue who sits in the back of the store, carrying out demi-bespoke orders. In terms of quality, “the Osmologue gives you the best quality, it’s very precise and allows for the most accurate weighing of raw materials, giving you the exact same quantity every time,” says Verdier from Ney York Magazine. Customers have the privilege to choose from three different twist to an already-existing Ex Nihilo fragrance and the Osmologue will create the perfume in front of them.

Excited enough? You can visit the flagship boutique at number 352 on rue Saint-Honoré and get ready to get your scent of your own.


Darell Ferhostan Photographer
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