Empowerment in luxury

Empowerment in luxury

Currently, the terms empowerment are common and recurrent, as well as their derivations and links to various groups, attitudes, lifestyles, even traditional and emerging segments. However, it is necessary to specify and resignify this era of empowerment in the luxury area.

Every context of empowerment arises from the need, in most cases, to dignify the value of a person, brand or social group, as has happened in recent years. From the marketing point of view with the use of new technologies and social networks, consumers empower their tastes and needs in a more assertive way, which leads us to a deeper analysis of the trends and risks in the markets, in order to be current and maintain the empowerment of our brand, product or service.

People feel that they know best, and therefore take a more active role in controlling their own lives and their environment. Connectivity opens channels and provides the tools to connect with audiences that share common interests and causes, amplifying the individual voice to generate a collective pressure on what happens.

The new digital channels enable the consumer to express themselves and make themselves felt more effectively to obtain the results they expect, which puts pressure on luxury brands to take care of their exposure and their reputational assets. The empowerment of people through brands is a basic task in the day to day of the marketer to maintain an empathy between the needs of the consumer and the business.