Emma Watson: When Her Feminist Career Enriches Her Actress Career

Emma Watson: When Her Feminist Career Enriches Her Actress Career


Emma Watson became famous at a very young age by acting in the Harry Potter movies where she played the role of Hermione Granger. But against all odds the actress has not always assumed her status as a celebrity. Therefore, she decided to use her notoriety to get involved in subjects that are important to her and give meaning to her fame.


In May 2014, the young woman graduated from Brown University in English literature. Shortly afterwards, she made a striking speech on gender equality at the United Nations on the second anniversary of the HeForShe movement of which she is the ambassador. She spoke about her experience and how the university has forged who she is today. The actress wants to make a point of honor to the fact that the struggle for women rights must not be associated with the hatred of men. She remains very positive and also calls on men to mobilize for gender equality.


This year we find Emma Watson in a new role. Indeed, she plays Belle in a new adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast story. The film was released in November 2016 in the United States and will be released in March 2017 worldwide.

Emma Watson had a say concerning various arrangements. In the 1991 cartoon, Belle was already a feminist figure for the time, a woman who was independent and who looked towards the future. But obviously, after 25 years some changes were necessary for Belle to keep this image. Bill Cordon, the movie director, said the changes had been partly inspired by Emma Watson’s work for feminism in real life.


The Harry Potter star wanted to create a background story for Belle because she found that there was a lack of information at the beginning of the story about what she was doing of her free time. Since Maurice, Belle’s father, is an inventor, they decided that Belle would be too. She would have invented a kind of washing machine in order for her to sit and read instead of doing laundry.


The actress also brought suggestions regarding the dress. Belle being an active princess she must be free of her movements, so Watson did not want a corseted dress. The stylist Jacqueline Durran took her comments into consideration and created a dress that would be suitable for a certain activity without corsets.


Emma Watson is a great success story for our generation, hoping she will continue on this path.



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