E-mobility solutions in Luxury: Mercedes Benz Case

E-mobility solutions in Luxury: Mercedes Benz Case

Efficient. Flexible. Urban. Electric mobility now offers the possibility of reducing polluting and acoustic emissions due to traffic and thus significantly improving our lives, especially in cities. In the year 2025, sixty percent of the world population will live in large cities. This development makes essential an intelligent propulsion strategy for individual transport.

Wilko Andreas Stark, Vice President of the Strategy area of Daimler and Product Strategy and Planning for Mercedes-Benz Tourisms, underlines the relevance of electric mobility for Mercedes-Benz: “The question is not whether electric mobility will prevail, but when. Mercedes-Benz wants to be at the forefront of this green technology. Today, we already offer our customers convincing solutions in terms of suitability for daily use, flexibility and profitability.”

Mercedes-Benz has conceived the way that leads to driving without direct emissions as a propulsion strategy with three pillars. In the beginning is the optimization of combustion engines and propulsion components, such as the transmission. The result is impressive. The plug-in hybrids are the second pillar of this propulsion strategy, and they are the link between exclusively electric propulsion and optimized internal combustion engines. The third pillar is electric vehicles powered by a battery or by a fuel cell.

Nowadays, it is possible to perfectly combine driving pleasure with comfort and efficiency. This is particularly demonstrated by the Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid models. Until 2017, ten new plug-in hybrid vehicles will be introduced as part of the hybrid model offensive. Among them are also SUVs, such as the new GLE and the GLC.