Dolce & Gabbana Launches Luxurious Skincare Line

Dolce & Gabbana Launches Luxurious Skincare Line

Dolce &Gabbana extend their product line to luxurious Skincare . Dolce &Gabbana was famous for  bedazzled jeans on the run way at first after created the remarkable mark they entered into makeup and fragrance world. They got successful in the two sector. Now they launched two advanced product skincare line which called ESSENTIAL and AURELUX.

The ESSENTIAL line aim to help people “captivating skin” through any tone, smooth texture, and plumped shape. Dolce said :“ True beauty emanates joy—it is natural, radiant, and above all, real.” As a result this line wanted to convey to people beautiful skin, full of life, has the power to captivate others

The AURELUX line is to help people cleaning their face with a cleansing gel, milk, oil, and even a cleansing water. It also had an exfoliator, toner, and UV cream. All product were tested on dry , oil and combination skin well , each costumer can customize their own skin product.