Do luxury houses have to be open on Sunday in Paris?

Do luxury houses have to be open on Sunday in Paris?

Paris monumentsToday, London and Paris are in a really competitive place concerning tourism. Both of them are really fashionable for shopping especially in the luxury field. People from all over the world are coming to Europe to shop.

Studies show that London attracts a little more people than Paris those days. It is most explained by the language. French people are well known for having difficulties to speak English.

But there is another explanations: In London, luxury houses are open on Sunday which is an advantage for rich customers who want to spend 48 hours in the 3417363-4915890capital to shop and then go back home.

In Paris stores are open only in the touristic area that doesn’t include rue de la Paix, avenue Montaigne, avenue Montaigne, place Vendome, Saint Honoré and Luxury houses in Saint Germain des Près. Some committees are in favor of opening luxury stores on Sundays. It would offer 5000 more jobs, a higher turnover and to compete internationally with London, New York and Tokyo.



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