Discovering “Les Caves du Louvre”

Discovering “Les Caves du Louvre”


Located in the heart of Paris, « Les caves du Louvre » offering a breath-taking setting to discover the history of wine. This mansion of the 1st arrondissement classified as a historical monument has one of the most beautiful facade of the 17th century of Paris. Erected by the Sommelier of Louis XV, it houses superb vaulted cellars, tastefully restored by wine enthusiasts.

The visit is divided into 6 rooms:

1.The diversity of French regions

Dedicated to the terroir, this room is about discovering the very beginning of wine, here the grape-grower works the soil and the vine in effort to produce magnificent grapes.

  1. A unique discovery of the world of smells

Off to the corks! Wine is a sensory adventure and in this room, the sense of smell is simulated with the great families of the wine aromas.

  1. The primary aromas and the awakening of your taste buds!

Salty, woody, round or fresh? Your taste buds will be tested in this room.

  1. Opo, clink, psssh….

Bottles and corks fill this room. It shows the different sizes of bottles and the corks history.

  1. In the label room…

Sometimes amusing, sometimes complicated, this room is dedicated to sight and the different labels that have been used on wine bottles.

  1. Cheers !

Are you ready for the grand finale? Here, Nicolas, the sommelier will put your taste buds at test with some lovely red wines.


Photos credits : Les caves du louvre



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