Dior perfumes: J. Law as its new face

Dior perfumes: J. Law as its new face

The actress, the third best paid in the world, is the face of the new perfume of the French brand, which has been released earlier this year.

The idyll between Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, which began several years ago, is still alive and fragrant. According to the WWD media, the actress was the muse of Dio’s new perfume.

The link between Jennifer, the third highest paid actress in the world in 2017 (just behind Emma Stone, who snatched the first place last year, and Jennifer Aniston) and Dior is a long-term relationship.

In 2012, the protagonist of « Hunger Games » signed his first contract with the ‘maison’ Dior. Since then, this lucrative relationship (they say that the figures that appear in some of their checks are astronomical) has not stopped giving us good times and the opportunity to see Jennifer Lawrence – who is spontaneous, intelligent, confident, beautiful and unfriendly. conventions; even, sometimes, something wild – transmuted into a sublime and groundbreaking diva.

Thus, we still remember her debut as Miss Dior, dedicated to one of the signature bags of the firm and where Jennifer appears with her hair removed and more dark than in actulity. Then, the Christian Dior creative director, Raf Simons, explained how the actress had seduced him with his “strength and security”.

But then there have been many other moments that have shown both the products of the brand and the different facets of the actress. Thus, in the autumn of 2013 we saw her repeat for the same bag, and in 2016 it was the image of the company’s spring / summer campaign, starring in delicate, blond and sublime looks in a Parisian apartment.

That same year, with 26 years, was chosen to present the world ‘Diorever’ and ‘Diorama’, the designs of Dior handbags and for which it offers a more golden and sophisticated image.

The account adds and continues. Just a few months ago, it was the face of the Dior Cruise 2018 campaign offering a very different look, with a border flavor and under the lens of photographer Brigitte Lacombe. The snapshots also showed the new bags J’ADior and Lady Dior, which were integrated with the Mexican landscape of the scenarios.

And so, which Jennifer do you prefer?