Dior J’adore, Dior Addict – Perfumes and Beauty Icons

Dior J’adore, Dior Addict – Perfumes and Beauty Icons

Christian Dior was an excellent couturier but also fragrance maker. The perfumes and cosmetics have a soul of the brand in the product. There are few the examples, which became a canon of the industry.


Dior J’adore Parfums Christian Dior

The sophisticated scent is absolutely classic. Everything starts with raw materials. The noses of maison Dior choose the best quality raw materials for the fragrance to have exceptional smell.

Perfumer Calice Becker created a feminine composition, which on every woman shine like a jewell. “J’adore express the sensual intensity and a solar energy of a Dior woman. J’adore embodies the couturier-perfumer’s dream of harmony.” (LVMH)

This is the fragrance for adult, chic women who have a lot of energy and power.

Since 1999 – the year of its creation, the popularity of the perfumes is growing. It also broaden the portfolio of different scents variations around Dior J’adore perfumes.

The fragrance is the sensual mix of the notes like:

bergamot, mandarin, champaca flower, ivy leaves, jasmine sambac, Turkish rose, violet, orchid, blackberry musk, wood, plum.

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Dior Addict Lipstick

Intriguing color, spectacular splendor.

The style of Dior Addict lipstick combine incredibly big amount of propositions: shiny HD colors, perfectly staying on the lips with the “water” effect. The range of 44 colors is both, sweet and romantic, but also very brave and strong.  Colors are divided into 3 series: Rock, Baby Doll, Glam. The heart of new lipstick is the special formula which contain 25% more wax than other lipstick. Dior addict is infused with expert oils and has an ultra-moisturizing soft core. This special technical process allowed the lipstick to stay long on lips, bring a great comfort and bright  shine.

What is more the packaging of the product represent absolute feminine character with simple elegance. It transform Dior Addict Lipstick into the luxurious object of desire.

dior addict lipstick jenifer lawrence

Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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