Dior and the jewellery

Dior and the jewellery


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The first collection of ready to wear Dior was launched in 1947, but the jewellery line appears in 1998 following a collaboration between Bernard Arnaud and Victoire de Castellane. This eccentric and chic designer has upsets the masculine and conservative environment of fine jewelry.

Victoire has fun creating, she dares colours, using stones with an excessive volume, improbable mixtures of materials, and gold is covered with fluorescent lacquer.


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Victoire wants to break the bourgeois codes and make the precious jewel adjusted to the daily life. Her collections tell stories by example “Rois et Reines” tell the story of France.

And inevitably the creator pay homage to the life of Christian Dior with different collections having as influence flowers particularly roses, favorite flower Christian Dior.

Julie Latour

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