Different conceptions about luxury

Different conceptions about luxury

For a lot of people, luxury goods is all they can have; they can afford it so there is no problem for them, but what about the rest of the people? Most of the society cannot afford having lots of luxury goods but some which is good and normal. After we have the third kind of thought: why spend thousands of euros in that handbag if I can buy almost the same one in Zara or I can make a good trip or save the money?


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This is the main question that a lot of people have now a days, also as we are in an economic crisis, some cannot understand how can still be some people that have the money to spend thousands in dinners, trips or shopping, for them there are much other places/options to spend that we could say this is a ‘frustrating’ situation for them. Their thought is: ‘luxury is money and money is power’.

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Rocío Álvarez