Designers Who Changed The World

Designers Who Changed The World

Changes in the fashion industry occurred during World War I. More women started to work and they demanded clothes that were comfortable and better suited. Between the two World Wars was the period of the Golden Age in France. It was the time for change and reformation. There was a radical change in couture and fashion. Corsets were abandoned and women borrowed their clothes from men’s wardrobes. The revolution had started from that day thanks to these following luxury designers.

Coco Chanel

The ‘garçonne’ look became very popular among young women. The couturier Coco Chanel was a major figure in fashion at the time, as much for her magnetic personality as for her chic and progressive designs. Chanel helped popularize the bob hairstyle, the little black dress, and the use of jersey knit for women’s clothing. She also elevated the status of both costume jewelry and knitwear.

Mary Quant

For the women who were rebellious, Mary Quant was an idol. She was a fashion designer and British fashion icon. She became an instrumental figure in the 1960’s London youth fashion movement. Quant was one of the designers who took credit for the miniskirt and hot pants, and by promoting these and other fun fashions she encouraged young people to dress to please themselves and to treat fashion as a game.


Do you wear pants more often than skirts? Then André Courrèges is your hero. He introduced long trousers for women as a fashion item in the late 1960’s, and over the next 40 years pantsuits gradually became acceptable business wear for women. The pantsuit was introduced in the 1920’s, when a few women adopted a masculine style.


However, the term, “trouser suit” had been used in Britain during the First World War, with reference to women working in heavy industry. In 1966, designer Yves Saint-Laurent introduced his “Le Smoking”, an evening pantsuit for women that mimicked a man’s tuxedo.


Last but not least Manolo Blahnik.Can we just take this moment and thank the man who introduced fashionable stilettos? Did you know stiletto heels were once upon a time more known for their erotic nature than for their ability to make height. Stiletto heels were common as a fetish item. As a fashion item, their popularity were changing over time. A version of the stiletto heel was reintroduced in 1974 by Manolo Blahnik, who dubbed his new heel “The Needle“.

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