Decoration: should we mix modern and tradition ?

Decoration: should we mix modern and tradition ?


Interior design is all about creating balance and harmony, in your room. But that doesn’t mean that you have to achieving a 50/50 ratio, for both design styles. Representing both styles equally will simply result in an interior that looks very confused and poorly designed.

Pick one as the dominant style and incorporate the second style with smaller furniture pieces or decorative accessories. We can call it the 80/20 rule. It is working like this: as long as 80 per cent of your interior is unified by the same style, same period or same philosophy, you can deviate with the other 20 per cent. In other words, a fine antique can absolutely work in an ultramodern space.

Here are some more specifics:neutral-bedroom-interior-with-fabulous-brown-bed-and-sweet-side-lamps-on-oval-side-table-combined-by-brown-curtain-and-soft-white-sofa

For example, Victorian decor is all about ornate excess, while Arts and Crafts favours simplicity. Therefore, Victorian decor marries well with Edwardian, Asian, formal English, and French furniture, while Arts and Crafts is better with contemporary pieces or country styles, like Shaker. But with the 80/20 rule you can mix almost anything. Say you have a loft filled with modern classic furniture; add a superb antique settee, et voilà.
In general, contemporary interiors feature 20 per cent multitone patterns and 80 per cent solid or tone-on-tone materials.



Pauline VITAL

Pauline Vitale

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