Customer services and new technologies: the new challenges of luxury stores

Customer services and new technologies: the new challenges of luxury stores

Burberry was the first to incorporate new technologies inside their stores. Today, more and more luxury brands are doing the same. With all those technologies, what’s left for a personal customer service?

Entering into a luxury Burberry-flagship-store-London_destore is still an incredible experience, a perfume has to be smelled, a bag has to be touched and clothes has to be tried. But with the new technologies, going to a store can be avoided. A luxury furniture brand offers to try the furniture inside people own home thanks to an augmented reality experience.

Digital stores offer something more than just a normal experience inside the shop. Clients are immersed into the brand. For example at Dior’s videos about the designer’s childhood are showed inside the stores. The new Karl Lagarfeld store in Saint Germain des près in Paris offers IPad inside the shop for the clients to look at the collection, the fashion sBurberry-Beauty-Boxhows…

Finally the most speaking example is the Burberry flagship in London with its big screen in the middle of the store and some IPad to create your own trench coat.

From the customer side, nothing much has changed. Services are still the same and the experience is still worth it. But digital has added more content and more possibilities for the client into the luxury shop.


Alexandra Taillandier

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