Cult of details: Rolls Royce and the perfection

Cult of details: Rolls Royce and the perfection

Rolls Royce is the Luxury car by excellence. Discreet and impressive, the brand knows how to create a car close to absolutely perfection, since 1906.

From the bodywork to the choice of the material of the letter on the leather, everything is researched and handmade in the English company. Rolls Royce is the only brand that proposes both single-hulled vessel and handmade body for its products. Inside, people who look at the skin, and cut all the imperfections on it choose the leather. Even before being threated, the leather is perfect. That is why Rolls Royce seats are so smooth. This is particularity unobtainable in other Luxury cars brands.

The company has only produced 130 000 cars in over a decade of existence, because of the prestige of the product, and the uniqueness of each car.

The British brand knows how to approach perfection, and stratify the most demanding customers, with timeless and exceptional cars.

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