Copenhagen: city of gastronomy in Scandinavia

Copenhagen: city of gastronomy in Scandinavia

When we think about gastronomy, we first think about France… But did you know that the best restaurant in the world is located in Copenhagen? In fact, according to the Restaurant Magazine, the NOMA has been elected first among 50 others restaurants.


This two stars restaurant takes reservations 4 to 6 months in advance. The inhabitants of Copenhagen know this restaurant for years, but the succession of stars won at the Michelin (13 in the whole city) puts the restaurant on another level. On a gastronomic scale, the city is now superior compared to Roma, Milano, Amsterdam and Vienna and its major competitors are Madrid and Berlin. The food in Copenhagen is focusing on fishes, which represents the Nordic food. All of that makes Copenhagen the capital of gastronomy of Scandinavia.



Jeanne Rozant


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