Concierge in Hotels

Concierge in Hotels

The concept started at 1929 when Ferdinand Gillet founded Les Clefs D’Or. Normally, the concierge service consist of car service, Doorman, Lobby man, Concierge, Groom, and Valet. Apart from concierge inside hotels virtual and outsourcing concierge emerged nowadays.

Concierge in Hotel 2

Ferdinand Gillet, founder, Les Clefs D’Or

Virtual Concierge

Using a Web-based system, concierges can now track guest requests until they’re fulfilled, and can make reservations even before a restaurant opens.

Outsourcing concierge

Outsourcing saves hotels on benefits, and it helps lower-tier hotels provide a service they couldn’t otherwise afford. But outsourcing may not always be in the best interests of the guests.


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