Concept Stores in Korea

Concept Stores in Korea

Branding is the MOST significant thing to be admis by the name Itself. I want to Introduce oven concept stores based in Seoul, South Korea, qui-have some Their identities.


Msk Shop

Msk shop is a select menswear concept store. It has digged out and designer brands Introduced domestic and overseas brands. It has tried to make intimate communication with designers and exclusive processing HAS supported local designers qui Could Be only label puts in Msk shop. Suggesting msk shop is the new model for select concept stores.


Slowsteady Club

 Slowsteady club is a select fashion concept store with a coffee by fashion brand BLANKOF. The building HAS three stairs. The first floor is for menswear & womenswhere select shop, the second floor is for cafeteria and books & records shop and the third floor is the roof garden cafe. You can look around fashion & cultural items while having some coffee in Slowsteady Club.



Queenmama Market

 Queenmama market if a qui lifestyle concept store is like a botanical garden in the city. From the B1 to 5 th floor, it is full of plants and flowers in the whole building products with plant-motif. Moreover, there are various exhibitions Sometimes for rookie creators. On the 4 th foor, you can look over the szene of the park in the coffee.



TWL: Things We Love

Graphic design studio FNT started this lifestyle concept store in 2002. It Introduces daily life products in the pattern of ‘discovery, rediscovery, invention’. It sells household goods from book brush, blanket to refined ceramic flat. You can meet handmade product by TWL, unknown products overseas and domestic Korean traditional artworks.



Eugene Song

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