Communication strategy in cars brand

Communication strategy in cars brand

Cars Market is one of the most difficult market, inasmuch as the buy of a vehicle is a careful purchasing because involve others buys along the useful life of the product.

Then the cars brands are continuously communicating with the possible client, offering information and giving privileges for the customers. One market research said that the first brand car that use in your life is going to stay in your short list if you have a great experience.

The communication is focused in what type of person you are, for example the advertising of a MPV car is focused in parents, luxe cars in heritage or class, sport cars in single and young…

This is one of the reason why the cars brand have different models of cars, because when you are young and buy a Ford Fiesta, for example is great option, but when you family grows you need something bigger for example Ford Focus. Why change the brand if you have a great experience and only need more space? Or more speed?

Mr. Luxury “Luxury is unique”

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