Coca-cola Themed Restaurant

Coca-cola Themed Restaurant


Hong Kong Disneyland transformed the original Main Street Corner Cafe on Main Street U.S.A into the city’s first Coca-Cola themed restaurant in October.

The Victorian-style restaurant hosted by Coca-Cola showcases a historical collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia from the 1900s with its new décor, including Coca-Cola stained glass windows, posters and calendars of Victorian Gibson Girl illustrations on the walls, vintage Coca-Cola trays, porcelain syrup urns and first-generation Coca-Cola bottles.

The vintage interior design maintains the simple, home-style feel of the original “Main Street Corner Cafe,” but also creates a unique experience where guests can feel as if they are dining in a Coca-Cola museum.

The restaurant launched a special Coca-Cola-themed menu. Every dish, from appetizer to dessert, features Coca-Cola as a special ingredient.

Guests can start their meal with seared scallops with mango salad and Coca-Cola molecules, followed by a main course of either beef cheek with Coca-Cola barbecue sauce or poached sole and salmon fillet in Coca-Cola cream fettuccine. A dessert of warm bread and butter pudding with Coca-Cola sherbet complete the meal.

The restaurant also offers brand-new Coca-Cola beverages, including the caramel float, classic float and Coca-Cola with ginger citrus.

“After our long-term partnership with Disneyland, we are thrilled to launch the world’s first Coca-Cola themed restaurant at Disneyland in Hong Kong with tailor-made dishes featuring Coca-Cola as a special ingredient and Coca-Cola historical collectibles,” said Mike Shepherd, general manager, Coca-Cola Hong Kong and Macau. “We will continue to bring more happy and magical moments to our consumers.”

Hong Kong Disneyland has received overwhelming response to the Coca-Cola special menu and will transform it to Christmas theme to generate excitement during the upcoming festive occasion.

“Hong Kong Disneyland and Coca-Cola are brands that bring friends and families together,” said Andrew Kam, managing director, Hong Kong Disneyland. “This themed Corner Cafe in Hong Kong Disneyland immerses guests in nostalgic, end-of-18th century Coca-Cola inspired décor. Our guests can also sample delicious food and beverages created by our talented chefs, infused with a touch of Coca-Cola. This partnership is truly a celebration of both brands and the perfect way for our guests to enjoy a special day with their families.”

Nichole Chan

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