Coca-Cola by Moschino

Coca-Cola by Moschino

Following on the heels of high-end fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Italian luxury label Moschino has launched a limited edition line with Coca-Cola.

As every year, the Coca-Cola Company surprises with its original advertising campaigns, new product launches and therefore also with new and exclusive designs, as recently introduced a line of packaging designed by the prestigious Italian brand Moschino.

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Consumers can now amass a collection of Moschino-inspired Coca-Cola Light cans. While the association may seem contrary to Moschino’s luxury reputation, other brands have played with the theme of commodification in the past, and have achieved surprising results

Moschino teamed with Coca-Cola to produce a series of eccentric cans. One can exudes delicacy, another toughness and the last irreverence.


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